Veolia in the Region

Veolia is the global leader in optimized resource management. When it comes to managing utilities and resources, Veolia is the only company in the Middle East that works across the whole spectrum of environmental services - a unique service that we're proud of being able to provide. We're at the forefront of technology, creating innovative solutions to develop access to resources, preserve and replenish them. 

Challenges in the Region

Today, we are experiencing some of the most significant environmental challenges we've ever faced, from rapid urbanization to scarcity of natural resources and climate change. For example, according to the latest data from the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Aqueduct tools, 12 of the 17 most water-stressed countries are based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

In this way, since 35 years, Veolia Middle East is supporting public sector and industries  to meet their biggest challenges in terms of resources efficiency, growth, compliance, workforce safety and digitisation. 

Through public-private partnerships and innovative contractual schemes, Veolia is committed to achieving quantifiable results with sustainable, pragmatic environmental solutions.

We continue to adapt and innovate in step with economic growth and human development by designing and implementing solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment and resources. Our goal is to build a better 21st century.

 Our footprint in the Region

Present in 8 countries with headquarters in Dubai, our clients and stakeholders benefit from the proximity of our experts across the region.

Veolia Near & Middle East FOOTPRINT


10M people 

supplied by potable water

2.5M tonnes 

of Industrial waste handled

130 MWh 

distributed for district cooling

At Veolia Middle East, we are not simply contributing to the more efficient use of resources but rather discovering new approaches towards creating a truly sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystem for communities and industries.

Pascal Grante CEO of Veolia near & Middle East

Pascal Grante CEO of Veolia Middle East