Our purpose

The short version of our purpose offers an insight into our commitment toward the Ecological Transformation. It highlights the ecological benefits of our solutions, our Group’s usefulness for everyone and our multifaceted performance.
short version of Veolia purpose : the ecological transformation

Why we exist

Ecological Transformation, that is our purpose. 

The Ecological Transformation means acting to reconcile human progress and environmental protection. We develop and implement locally solutions to depollute our vital resources and preserve them from depletion, solutions to decarbonize our ways of living and producing and adapt them to the consequences of climate change.   

Our purpose into actions 

Our Multifaceted Performance wheel

The multifaceted performance is the practical and concrete expression of our purpose. The wheel represent our balanced commitments and impact between  : 

  • our 5 mains stakeholders - our client, our employees, our shareholders, the society and the planet. 
  • Everything is linked, that's why we have adopted a multifaceted vision of our performance
  • in line with United Nation's sustainable goals 
  • with real KPIs. 

ESG - the hearth of Veolia's multifaceted Performance 

In 2020, with the launch of our strategic plan Impact 2023, we made environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria central to the Group’s operations through multifaceted performance. More than a simple reporting method and more than just a communication plan, this is a genuine tool for steering and transforming the Group. This multifaceted performance is second nature to Veolia, which defines its success by its usefulness, and views economic, social and environmental concerns as an indivisible whole.


Multifacette performance


Leader of Ecology of solutions

Decarbonization, Economy and Regeneration of resources, and depolluting: 

The trio of Ecological Transformation : 

At Veolia, we develops and implements locally solutions to depollute our vital resources and preserve them from depletion, solutions to decarbonize our ways of living and producing and adapt them to the consequences of climate change