Our Engagement

Our culture is based on leading, involving, coaching and developing our people. We strive to be open and honest in our management style, showing care and respect for each other.


Our commitment to women and men 

Veolia’s performance depends on the motivation and commitment of our employees. We have prioritised skills training, career development, safety prevention and diversity because our team is our prosperity.

Our goal is to provide employees with the opportunities, resources and the environment to make an effective contribution to the business. We are committed to being an employer of choice by developing a working environment that attracts, retains and rewards talented people. The company has a personal development system in place, providing a structured approach to employee learning and career development.

We are proud to be able to guarantee good living, working and professional development conditions for our employees wherever they are and regardless of their level of seniority.

Our values

Joining Veolia means committing to resourcing the world, to developing access to resources, and to protecting and renewing them, to acting sustainably for the planet, to acting together with our industrial and local authority customers. And also, it means joining a work environment built on strong values. 


  • Developing talent: The skills and know-how of our workers are our company’s main assets. By delivering training to over 88% of employees each year with an average of 38 Hours of training per employee, Veolia Middle East ambition is to create a regional pool of highly skilled and adaptable workforce. We offer training to all categories of staff – with a special focus on employees in the field – since their induction program to the end of their careers. Newly acquired skills are certified by diplomas specific to each field of expertise and recognized by the local authorities in the countries where they are awarded.


  • Teamwork: We pool our knowledge and experience, ensuring that every success is a shared success and our best practices benefit to all. We put in place digital and collaborative tools to enhance cooperation and cross-fertilization of expertise between our contracts and international Centers of Excellence.


  • Diversity: As a company doing business in numerous countries throughout the Middle East, diversity is in our DNA. We strongly believe in and encourage diversity; and we connect and support our people, our suppliers, our partners and our communities in a manner that reflects our beliefs. In the Middle East, our team is  gathering more than 38  nationalities. We are committed to the ICV, the contribution that Veolia can bring to the country and local communities. We strongly believe that we can achieve it by identifying and training Nationals, developing the capabilities of SMEs and finally by exercising global knowledge transfer.


Diversity is a strong commitment for Veolia Middle East, In all their diversity people are resourcer to Veolia. Progress is a constant work, and diversity a constant concern. It’s why our objectives are threefold:

    • Assure gender balance on our teams

    • Include more people with determination on our teams

    • Gather people of every social, economic and multicultural origins on our teams


  • Customer focus: We uphold codes of transparency and ethics that allow us to build long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers based on integrity, mutual respect and nondiscrimination. Veolia listens to its customers and meets their technical, economic, environmental and societal expectations by providing adapted and innovative solutions


  • Performance: We measure our performance through customer and stakeholder satisfaction. We have developed an efficient and responsive organisation for mobilization and start-up of new contracts.


  • Responsibility: We are involved and accountable. We respect, recognize and develop our people. 

 Veolia intends to participate actively in building a society that is committed to sustainable development. As a key player in the field of environmental services, the Group assumes responsibility on a day-to-day basis for the public good, in particular by: - Promoting the harmonious development of territories; 

- Improving the living conditions of populations affected by its activities and protecting the environment, its core business. 

Veolia is committed to encouraging professional skills development and improving workplace health and safety for individuals (preventing workplace accidents), along with the security of all employees and facilities managed by the Group.


  • Innovation: Quality of service and value for our customers and clients are priorities. We view innovation as the best way to maintain our leadership.