A reference desalination plant for the Gulf region

Following an international call for tenders, Veolia, with the support of its Omani partner National Power and Water Company (NPW), won in 2007 a BOO (Build, Own, Operate) contract for a major reverse osmosis desalination plant in Sur in the Sharqiyah region of Oman.  Veolia and NPW then formed a closed joint stock company – Sharqiyah Desalination Company SAOC (SDC) on January 10, 2007 for the purpose of executing the Project.

In June 2014, an extension was signed: additional 51,000 m3 with 5 years of operations. This expansion project will be developed on a BOO basis and will be located adjacent to the existing reverse osmosis project at Sur to benefit from synergies. The progress of the construction works can be followed online on this livestream.

Sharqiyah Desalination Company SAOC (SDC) owns and operates the Desalination Plant in Sur, Oman, which is a unique world-class solution for the Sharqiyah region with its growing population and economic importance.

SDC helps to fight the depletion of the region’s limited groundwater resource by processing over 200,000 m3/ day of seawater from its unique beach-well catchment – the largest in the World. SDC produces 80,000 m3/ day of drinking water using reverse osmosis (RO) process with very high energy efficiency, recycling over 97% of the mechanical energy and saving up to 40% more energy than a conventional reverse osmosis plant. The plant’s unique facility also eliminates the requirement for chemical pre-treatment and ensures minimal impact on the marine and coastal ecology.

The Desalination Plant is operated and maintained by ISO-certified Bahwan Veolia Water Company owned by leaders in water technology and engineering – Veolia and Bahwan Engineering Company.

This contract is an achievement for Veolia:

  • The innovative and pioneering use of the beach wells is very efficient and this is presently the largest beach well facility ever built in the world for desalination process.
  • The Relationships between Veolia and its partner /client are excellent.
  • The Sur plant has become a reference for Veolia in Oman.



Client benefits :

  • World class desalination process
  • Energy efficiency


Solution :

  • Build, Own and Operate for 20 years

Max capacity: 80,000 m3 / day – Drinking water

Number of Employees: 40

Starting Date: January 2007

Contract Duration: 2 + 20 Years