Veolia Group celebrates 170 years of innovation

On December 14, 1853, under the name Compagnie Générale des Eaux, Veolia embarked on an exciting journey in service of the environment. 170 years later, the Group continues to innovate and shape the world of tomorrow, a world dedicated to ecological transformation. Let's continue on this path and keep turning the impossible into possible.
 veolia Anniversary 170 years of innovation !

Founded in France in 1853, Veolia has made history by bringing water to the heart of cities, thereby contributing to the eradication of cholera and the extension of life expectancy. Over the decades, the company has expanded its operations to waste management and energy production, while being at the forefront of social advancements.

Driven by an innovative spirit, Veolia is committed to the progress of humankind. Today, the company is extending the same rights to its global teams and is preparing to take on the major challenges facing humanity, including decarbonization, pollution reduction and regeneration.

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